Clearing a Path to Joy

(And finding contentment along the way)

Instructor: Roland Kriewaldt
Course Duration: 30+ days
Content Includes: 10 Reality Checks /Lessons

Topics covered in full course: Happiness, Success, Pride, Insecurity, Wealth, Motivation, Spirituality, Religion, Politics and Intuition.

What causes greed — or racism?
Why do we laugh? What is spirituality?
Is there a realistic definition of love?

The answers to many such questions await you on this mind-growing quest for practical wisdom to enrich your life. Take a look inside and you’ll see that this book is like no other — and here’s why:

Clearing A Path To Joy will help you live a more joyful and fulfilling life. But in doing so, it will also take you on a profound mental adventure to identify every possible obstacle to joy you are likely to encounter; an enlightening journey that also uncovers hidden secrets about how our species is being manipulated from cradle to grave to exploit us.

Beginning with an introduction to a new Physics of Psychology, you’ll gain entry to an invisible economy of human energy transactions that define our lifelong quests for love, power and a meaningful purpose.

You’ll also learn about Bio-Psychology — those unconscious behaviors linked to our survival and procreative instincts that can undermine your quest for a more heartfelt joy experience.

Filled with life-enhancing revelations to help you reclaim your inner joy potential and authentic self, Clearing A Path To Joy is the kind of book that you’ll want to talk about with everyone you know.