The IPSFA Sequence

Decoding the greatest cause of human suffering



You don’t know about it. And they don’t want you to know about it. That’s how conspiracies work.

But what if everyone is "in on it" somehow, yet no one dares to speak out? That seems to be the case with The IPSFA Sequence and its worldwide use to control people's lives by controlling their minds.

Discovered by author Roland Kriewaldt while working on his book, Clearing a Path to Joy, the IPSFA Sequence is a widely used mental template for creating social group identities through which billions of people worldwide are being manipulated today.

In this short and concise ebook, you'll learn about this fascinating discovery, its historic origin and use in ancient cultures. You'll also learn how to defend yourself against its continued use today by unscrupulous governments, religions or wherever a privileged few seek to control the lives and fortunes of the many.

It's a short read that you can't afford to ignore if you value your personal freedom.