Reality Checks for Everyday Life

(vol.1) Keeping it real in a world of illusions

Instructor: Roland Kriewaldt
Course Duration: 30+ days
Content Includes: 10 Reality Checks /Lessons

Topics covered in full course: Happiness, Success, Pride, Insecurity, Wealth, Motivation, Spirituality, Religion, Politics and Intuition.

Is there a means to your happiness that doesn't require others to change?

Did your perspective on happiness shift as you read that question? If so, then you’ve just proven the value of this book. In seeing happiness from a different point of view, perhaps you may even be inspired to seek a more realistic path to joy; one less dependent on waiting for others to change to meet your emotional needs.

Sometimes laughing out loud funny, other times pushing your most sensitive emotional buttons, Reality Checks for Everyday Life is a book of loaded questions designed to help you resolve both inner and outer conflicts by understanding yourself and others better. In this way, it could also lead you to live a happier life. What else can offer you that kind of potential ROI for the price of a hamburger or designer latte?

Looking for real adventure? Look inside. Reality Checks for Everyday Life inspires you to think far outside the box to become a wiser, more authentic you.