The Worst Kind of People

How to identify and avoid "energy vampires."


What is an energy vampire?

Vampires do not exist, at least not the kind depicted in horror films. And yet, our encounters with people who leave us feeling physically or emotionally drained may tempt us to believe otherwise. Instead, it is likely that we have been in the presence of an energy vampire; a kind of human predator who purposely steals the energy of others.

This energy depletion can take many forms, from drawing on our time, money or physical labor to draining us of self-esteem until we become a submissive slave to their every whim. In that state, we may begin to feel utterly hopeless, spiritually vacant and even lose our will to live.

It is for these reasons and more that we must learn to identify and defend against those selfish social manipulators identified here in The Worst Kind of People, lest they keep feeding upon our lives until we are bled dry.